The Best Shopify Subscription Apps

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If you’re looking to use subscription billing to generate ongoing profits, Shopify is a great platform to choose. The platform offers tons of functionality and makes building and operating your website a breeze. But before you can start profiting from recurring billing, you need a subscription app. Subscription apps let you set up a recurring billing system, without adding additional overhead.

Bold Subscriptions

If you’re in the market for a subscription-based ecommerce solution, you should check out Shopify Bold Subscriptions. This app will enable you to easily add subscriptions to your site during the checkout process. It features a customizable onboarding sequence, subscriber portal, and robust APIs and webhooks. In addition, it lets you create custom subscription offerings, including build-a-box and recurring products. You can also use Bold Subscriptions to automate your email marketing and even collect referrals.

To get started with Bold Subscriptions, you must first set up your subscriptions API Key. You can do this in your MESA account. Go to Admin > Integrations > Subscriptions > API Keys. In the next step, click the “Add Webhook” button. Then, paste the URL from your MESA account.

Recurring Order

With a Shopify subscription app, you can customize the subscription terms and manage recurring orders. It offers features like a payment calendar and quick checkout wizard. It also supports prepaid services and allows you to bulk import your customer data. You can also configure the settings for automatic notifications and set up rules for repeat purchases.

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Moreover, this Shopify subscription app also enables you to offer discounts to your customers. You can set the subscription amount as a fixed price, a certain amount off, or even a percentage discount. You can easily add this Shopify subscription app to your store with one click. The app offers customers the ability to make recurring payments or pre-pay subscriptions, which helps boost customer retention.

Seal Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions for Shopify is an app that allows you to manage recurring invoices and auto-charging subscriptions on your store. The app is highly customizable and can handle most subscription-related tasks. It also offers good customer support and is constantly improving. There are a few limitations with the customer portal, but overall, the app is a solid choice. Its free trial version allows you to try out all of its features before you make the decision to buy it.

In order to set up Seal Subscriptions on your Shopify store, first you must install the Seal Subscriptions app. After installing the app, you should configure its settings. You can do this by going to the Seal Subscriptions dashboard and clicking on the Subscription Rules tab. There, you can enable the subscription widgets.


PayWhirl is an excellent Shopify subscription app, and integrates well with the platform. It gives merchants an easy way to manage subscriptions and keeps track of billing history. It also allows customers to change information or add payment plans easily. It even integrates with the native Shopify checkout, reducing the need for custom development.

Another Shopify subscription app is Loop, which is newer and more flexible. It supports subscriptions in different industries, from fitness to digital products. It also supports gym memberships, which is great for online fitness businesses. Shopify merchants can also use PayWhirl Subscription Payments, which makes subscriptions easy for customers and offers automation features.

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